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Sunday, July 10, 2005/10:02 PM

Okay children, German class.. here are a few lines to help you all if ever you are to visit the Rhineland:
hello: guten tag
No: nein
Where is the nearest shop?: Wo ist der nachste laden?
What time is checkout: Wann muss ich auschecken?
Will you take me home: Kannst du mich nach hause bringen?
Your ego is out of control: Du leidest wohl unter Grobenwahn
I don't mind watching, but I'd rather not join in:
Ich sehe gerne zu, wude aber lieber nicht selbst mitmachen
and finally...
Before this goes any further i must be upfront... i'm an accountant:
Bevor wir uns naher kennen lernen, muss ich etwas klarstellen. ich bin buchhalter
lol... i love this insane phrasebook. These are just few of the nutty sayings you find in my tiny pocketsized book. Yes it's the tip of the nutty iceberg lol. Best 10 bucks i've ever spent lol. Better than most joke books, for sure. Keep having flashes to John Cleese (the hungarian tourist) telling Terry jones (the tobacconist) and graham chapman (the bobby) to drop their panties sir william, he cannot wait till lunch time and that his nipples explode with delight lol. ;)

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