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Monday, June 20, 2005/8:56 PM

Yes folks the war (I think) is over and I have won! I have been offered a job and have happily accepted. However my new employer (a private collage whose name shall remain anonymous incase in the future I need to vent on my blog lol) is forcing me to shop.

What you say, how is this a bad thing for a girl who loves the mall? Ah, i say... tis simple.
I'm only buying work clothes.

Oh God, is there anything more depressing than looking through dress slacks? How unoriginal, confomist and all around ugly. The retired punk in me is screaming FACIST and fashionistia is me is just screaming.

Dress shirts, slacks... arguements with my mother over whether or not khakki (sp?) pants are formal enough or not (I'm putting that one on my annual end of the year review of stupid conversations held by me and someone else). Dress shoes, boots (okay, I love my boots. Is it wrong to love a dead cow?) Polyester, crisp cotton, linen, low iron, dry clean only... oh oh oh i'm starting to hyperventilate!

That's it... enough of this blogging... i'm going to go find my black nail polish, my Best of the Clash and breathe.

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