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Friday, May 06, 2005/11:01 PM

5. Do you have National Treasure? (after hearing me say to another customer that we were out)
4. Well it's okay if it's scary, she's been watching Freddy(kruger) since she was a baby. But, if there's sex in it... well, I'd rather she didn't see that (talking about her 13-year old daughter)
3. Do you have National Treasure? (same customer from earlier... 5 minutes later)
2. Excuse me, this shows the actual killings right? (a grinning teenager excitedly holding: "Helter Skelter the story of Charles Manson" while donning puffy bleached hair that had one single long strip buzzed cut out of the middle)
1. I hope that young man doesn't hurt someone after watching that (an elderly woman who saw the entire Manson fiasco go down by the new release wall...sadly she wasn't joke... she was dead serious).

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