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Sunday, May 15, 2005/10:14 PM

- When bubble gum machines only charged a dime?
- When Joe Montana was with the 49ers?
- When Jose Conseco was the power house hero of baseball?
- When you could say "Snarf" and kids would KNOW what you were talking about?
- When hump was one of those dirty words that made you giggle?
- When you first saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
- When you first saw Star Wars?
- The maddening addiction of Mad-Libs?
- When Madonna looked like a girl and not one giant muscle.
- When you use to argue over which GI Joe and/or Barbie you got to play with?
- When it was cool to fold the cuffs of your jeans over and roll them up?
- When Aqua-Net ruled the earth and single handedly destroyed the ozone layer?
- When McDonalds used Styrofoam for its packages?
- When Johnny Rotten threw his microphone in Kennedy's (the VJ, not the president) face on live TV?
- When Kurt Cobain got into a fight with Axle Rose?
- When the Wall came down (apparently someone forgot to tell my ex-dormmate... seriously, she had no idea nearly ten years after the fact).
- When River Pheonix died and the 911 tape of Joaquin freaking out was played repeatedly on the news?
- When the Spice girls were HALF-respectable artists? (yeah don't remember that either)

Just curious if I was the only one.

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