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Wednesday, May 18, 2005/8:46 PM

How long has it been since I've even picked up a pencil? I was talking to someone about how I once drew a lot. I was accepted into art school. However, I guess I made the right choice in sticking with writing. I do that so much more than draw, but just to prove I still do it, there you go. I picked one of my favorite posters and did my own rendition. Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid"
The actual film poster of this hangs in my bedroom, it much bigger than the drawing you see above, but I think I'm pretty close. I really like "The Kid". It's such a sweet film, but honestly "The Dictator" is one of Chaplin's better works. Everyone should check it out. Even though Chaplin did not speak German he did an amazing job lampooning Hitler, he "fakes" German words and honestly unless you speak German fluently, I doubt you could tell. The words SOUND German and every so often a real word sneaks in. The man was a genius (Chaplin, not Hitler).
How could someone joke about such a thing, you ask? Watch the film you'll see it's done to perfection and without making light of the subject.

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