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Thursday, April 28, 2005/11:03 PM

WHOO HOO. Finally the day has come and gone. As many of you know I've been dying to see Salman Rushdie talk at UB and finally tonight I had the chance to go. It was amazing. He is a warm and funny speaker, I seriously suggest that everyone(even folks who may not be all that impressed with his work) should find a way to get a chance to hear him at some point. We sat in the nosebleed section, but it didn't matter. With a teletron-like set up we were still able to get an idea as to what he looked like (however it was a bit like sitting at home and watching TV) Anyway i'll go into more detail about my encounter with one of my favorite authors (right up there with Chuck Palahniuk and Helen Fielding) tomorrow. Right now I'm bushed and hungrary (thank god for Pizza Wings and Things' Sleep Deprived Employees!) One more thing though, a big HELLO and thank you to Anne for being a sweety and driving my sorry behind up there (and accepting my semi-shoddy navigating...I WAS EXCITED TO FINALLY BE OUT OF THE HOUSE, CUT A GIRL A BREAK!) And happy belated b-day girl, hope you like the book! Until Tomorrow Guys! Rushdie Rundown to be continued...

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