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Saturday, April 30, 2005/11:19 PM

It's the short list for tonight's Ob-Zurd-Vations, Fred Fest Style. Here you all go:

Top ten (or so) things most likely to be heard during this weekend of hopps and barley joy:

10) You take pennies right?
9) Have a beer.... No, not that one Alan couldn't make it to the bathroom.
7) Man, you are in no shape to play pool, lets go play darts
6) Do you have a lighter? (negative response) Well why don't you smoke? (response) Well you should still have a lighter, you're more likely to get laid that way.
5) Bartender, I want something that won't go out if you throw water on it.
4) We need shots, we need them now before we forget!
3) He's okay, I'm walking him home... where do you live?
2) We're planning on going downtown around ten... if we're still coherent.
1) Screw dinner, they've got free popcorn at The Village.

and a bonus Ob-Zurd-VATION:

(after another boy pukes into the bushes)
Friend: Damn, glad i don't live here.
Friend 2: Shit, i DO live here.

*all of these comments have been overheard at either THIS Fred-Fest or Fred-Fests from years gone by.

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