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Wednesday, April 27, 2005/11:00 PM

LONG LONG AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY I use to write on this thing.
Sorry for the long break. Anyway to make up for my absence I have decided to return to my roots and bring back the Ob-Zurd-Vations. (see below) But before I begin, I would like to take a moment of silence for my baby girl, Eh Tijuana Brass. Today April 27, was her birthday but sadly she passed away last year. I still miss her like crazy, especially on days like today. :(

Now for general chit-chat...

Spring has returned...with my annual addiction to Sudafed...only wait... I might actually HAVE an addiction? Just found out the other day you can make a wild Meth Drug out of my sinus medication. So much so that Wal-Mart has decided to put the stuff behind the counter at the pharmacy so that I have to wait behind grandma Moses and her 90 prescriptions just to keep her upright so that I can breath normally. BUT I won't need a prescription for the stuff. They think this will deter thieves and overpurchasing. Right... I'm sorry but all this will do is have us allergy suffers purposely sabotage the Walmart motorized go-carts so we can get a better spot in line. Stupid store.

Oh another point of interest. The lovely article which I read on this brew-ha ha at Wally-world ALSO explained in some detail as to how the druggies abuse my medicine. All you need is water, a pot, a strainer and a stove top. So gang, the party's at my house Saturday, just remember to bring a packet of Swiss miss since we'll be boiling water all night, might as well have a nice cup of cocoa while we're at it. I ask you, where IS the journalistic integrity these days? I mean why not come over and make it for me guys?

Hmm what else can I complain about tonight? I seem to be in mood. Well I think I'll just leave the rest of my snide remarks for Ob-Zurd-Vations... ENJOY!

oh and I promise to be cheerier later...

...probably. ;)

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