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Thursday, January 27, 2005/4:39 PM

(April 27, 1988 - January 27, 2004)
It offical. It has been one year since the world lost my baby. I can not believe a year has passed. I miss her so much. Baby Brass... she was a good girl and I didn't deserve her. I can't decide what hurts me more, the fact that she was so young when she did pass on (15) or the fact that it was totally preventable had we recognized what was going on with her sooner. Looking back now a year later, i keep thinking, if only we hadn't soaked her feet. If i had just stopped soaking her feet. Dad says we did everything we could and that we only keep giving her ebson salt bathes because we were told it was helping (thank you vets) so because of that it's not our fault that it all went wrong. Needless to say, i still fell 100% guilty, like maybe she knew i was planning on going back to school and leaving her once again and her little heart couldn't take it. Another part of me asks what if I had just stayed home...

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