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Thursday, December 09, 2004/8:23 AM

10 - Have offered online marriage proposal (see below) to cartoon charcter who is ugly
9 - Apartment looks like Sherman marched his troops, partied then puked throughout it leaving me to clean it all up.
8 - Suddenly am attracted to Orson Welles....YIKES
7 - Was caught working on a poster a work and whistling unconciously like a bird under my breath. Was not aware i had that involuntary ability!
6 - Have ask two people this week if they know the way to San Jose
5 - Offered to tag (spray paint) a baby seal in order to save its life from hunters and PETA
4 - Made Oatmeal Cookies... Don't really like oatmeal cookies.
3 - Pulled a muscle on the top of my foot by WALKING!
2 - Have been singing "In the Money" in my head for weeks, yet still no signs of money have appeared.
1 - Went to bed with one sock on.

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