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Thursday, December 23, 2004/9:13 PM

Now that school is over, I'm going to commit myself to putting out at least a monthly OB-ZURD-VATIONS section on this blog. I tell you, it gets busy around here, but now that I'm done with papers and the whole Registrar's nightmare is over, I think we can get back on task here at Ob-Zurd Thoughts. Again I encourage ANYONE to comment and add-on their own Ob-zurd-vation at anytime.

1. No matter what degree you have, the lady at the registar's office has no problem putting you back in your place...which aparently is under her foot.

2. If you REALLY REALLY need to get somewhere, the weather will be crap. If you don't really care, it's beautiful.

3. Shoveling snow at 12:30am is not only beautiful, but calming... that is until the heart attack kicks in.

4. A LOT of city folks don't know what to do when the power goes out at night. It's like something awlful has happened and life will never be the same. The shear idea that DARKNESS exists! Mein Gott in Himmel! Dios Mio! Shall we ever make it?

5. The sims is a horrible game.... I've lost four hours on it so far... what have i achieved? My couple now do nothing BUT make out, their kid REFUSES to go to school and my cat keeps running in circles. Hmm... well nice to see it's like real life.


7. Taking a stroll through a college town on a snowy friday night can have interesting results. You see many things: Women powerwalking for their health (it's 29 degrees ladies!), Men with steamy breath chatting over the side of a pick-up truck, and a college boy being walked by his dog, stopping to pee along with his pet. How nice.

8. I'm wondering why all of Day St. smells like puke and yet the kiddies went home last firday and it snowed last night. I'm 99% sure that i don't really want the answer to this.

9. When the kiddies (college brats) are around all you want them to do is leave and stop crowding the bars. When they go, you keep wishing there was someone in the bars.

10. We now have a ten foot radius rule on campus to keep the smokers ten feet away from the front door.... this has only led to the cloud of smoke one has to dive through, spreading outward ten feet and filtering back to the door, basically forcing everyone to walk through about fifteen feet worth of smog before slipping inside. Brilliant idea.

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