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Saturday, December 18, 2004/9:38 AM

Yes folks, we are back in business! Here's what I have noticed in these high stress, crazy last few weeks of college and around our area in general.

1. Blackouts are funny. Especially when you suddenly realize it's really dark in your apartment and you've just tripped over a cactus.

2. Candles are like cops. They're always around getting in your way, cluttering your space when you don't want them, but sure enough when you need one you can't find them anywhere... or a lighter for that matter.

3. Finals Week High Fashion includes the following: Pajamas, Sweat Pants, Sweat-Shirts (apparently the cool folks call them hoodies now... it's a fricken hooded sweat-shirt), Sneakers (in the snow?) Legwarmers (what the $*#^%!), Mini Skirts and Heavy Winter Coats over a Tank Top.

4. Customers will complain that the roads are getting horrible and that they want to rent a movie to "stay-in"... meanwhile in the same breath they admit they drove twenty minutes just to get to the store to pick the film up!

5. We complain and complain for more free time, but once we get it, often we find ourselves wishing we had something to do. (not me though, i'm napping ;)

6. Procrastination is great. The things you find when trying to avoid what you're suppose to be doing can be amazing. Things found during my paper breakdown: Punk Kittens website, A website listing ALL of Alfred Hitchcock's cameos, 2 packages of Smarties, How to put up a Christmas Tree in one hour, the music of Chris Isaak, the good looks of Chris Isaak and finally that the water in my apartment stays hotter longer at night than during the day when the girls upstairs hog it.

7. Proving no good deed goes unpunished, don't bother to shovel a driveway down to the blacktop, it just freezes over into ice. Likewise, don't shovel out the parking area you often park in. Someone else will just park there when you're gone. Hey, they say it's a free country, what can you do?

8. Never pick out a popsicle during a blackout. Oh yeah it might look cherry, but imagine your surprise when you lick it and your tongue is attacked by vile orange! UGH.

9. When you have money to buy yourself something nice, you can never find anything nice. When you're dirt broke all you keep seeing is stuff that looks nice.

10. Christmas Cheer does not extend to lines aparently. So far this week I have stood in 3 lines at various places. In each one I've heard the words, "Oh come on". "Are you Kidding me?" or "For Christ's-sake" My guess is that last one isn't a prayer.

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