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Wednesday, December 01, 2004/10:27 PM

Here it is folks, possibly the funniest show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim late night programing since Sealab 2020 and The Family Guy. PC goes out the window with this Johnny Quest Spoof: The Venture Brothers. Part Hardy Boys, Part Johnny Quest... Part Crack Addict's Action Film. What's the Premise you ask? Well I'll tell you. Dr. Venture (background center) is a failed college dropout who was a boy genius and now a failed scientist with a long list of criminally insane enemies the likes of which only Batman and every other superhero has seen. His twin boys Hardy Boy like kids who wish they were as sucessful as the Scooby Gang. Alas, they are morons. You want to kill them, THUS the need for Brock Samson (forground with the knife) the overzelous government issued bodyguard (again poking fun at Race Bannon, from Johnny Quest fame). This man is NUTS and I love him... if he were real I'd propose. GREAT SHOW!

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