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Thursday, December 23, 2004/11:47 AM

Holy Heart Alert Batman,

I went onto my school website today, curious to see if the grades had been posted. They had...sort of.

Yes you heard me...sort of.

Once again the computer monster has attacked me and this time he ate my grades! 3 out of my 4 grades are in. One is listed as incomplete! I stopped and looked again. INCOMPLETE! I did the work, what is going on? Rewrites? Oh God...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So I jumped on the horn and called the registrar's office. They swear up and down, oh the teacher has entered it that way...blah blah blah. Now I'm flipping out because this was one of my independent studies (I have two) and alas the computer does not list them so I can tell which is which. It just reads independent study, not, Medieval Lit or Creative Writing.

Hyperventilating kicks in. My god, I think, Dr. Steinberg HATED my paper (because as far as I knew Proff.. Nez was happy with my work). So I immediately call the English department (of course they've run off for the holidays) Ugh... PEOPLE, I HAVE TO WORK CHRISTMAS EVE, the LEAST you can do is work the day before Christmas eve! *sigh*

So I jump back online and write to my teachers, in a tizzy of course. I plead my case and pray to get back an answer I'll be able to live with. Having done that, I back away from the computer and decide what I need is a hot shower.


Dr. Steinberg has written me back. Thank god, it's so nice to see a teacher that's on the ball and willing to help their students. He informs that I'm fine in his class, he turned the grade in and such. There's no rewrite or anything like that. *whew!* What a load off. I was terrified of that paper.

Now I sit and wait for Proff. Nez. She's in Florida, who knows if she's checking her mail (I sent it to both of her addresses, school and private) as soon as she says I'm in the clear, I'm storming the English Department come January 3rd, like those Vikings on the Capital One ads: "Grr Argh... Who do you got to pillage to get yer diploma 'round here?"

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