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Monday, December 20, 2004/6:45 PM

Hello Hello All and Happy Holidays. Like my hat? I LOVE it. Behind it you can see my tree. Yeppers I actually took the time out to put up the tree after Turkey Day and now i'm taking time out to show it off to you...not that you can't see it all that well LOL. Hey, it's tradition (or rather I"m making it so) the day after Turkey day from now on I vow to put up the tree and keep it so until a week or so after New Years (cuz i'm lazy LOL) Well Enjoy the new photo.
You know my mother blew thirteen dollars on photos of me taken at the photographer Friday. She should have just waited, i LOVE this photo.... well Okay i like this photo, after i aged it. The color version was poor... but you can't have everything right? LOL Enjoy your holidays! More photos are coming thanks to my new Digital Camera (i inherited my mother's camera! Woo hoo!)

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