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Saturday, December 18, 2004/9:27 AM

Whooo hoo!!!! All four papers turned in (on time!) and now I am a free woman! Yes folks, supposedly (as long as i didn't BOMB this semester... who knows there) I have graduated and are edu-ma-ka-ted! I gots me Masters in Anglish!
Seriously though, I am sooooooo relieved. I thought my head was about to burst around Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I was certain of it. Then this strange calmness took hold of me Thursday and I finished my last paper within 4 hours! It was 16 pages! I don't know what happened, but hopefully I wrote a good paper... I honestly don't know! Seriously though, if anyone asks me what I wrote, I have no answer... well at least not one that sounds good. I've already been asked and I stumbled about so badly that I simple stopped and said, "Honestly, my head is so fried, I can't even remember anymore."
Anyway, the point of this is to announce, I am free! But please continue to keep your fingers crossed for me, so that i might get good grades! (eek!) At least now I'll have more time to pay attention to my family's blog and mine. Updates hopefully will be more frequent now.

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