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Thursday, December 23, 2004/8:34 PM

It's a 3.92 folks!
Yes the whole muddle has been cleared up. It was the registrar's fault (hmm who would have thought of that *rolling eyes*) anyway the fourth and final grade was indeed an "A" and thus i now officially have graduated with FOUR A's! Well one A- (thus why it's not a 4.0)
The grad total of my entire masters degree: 3.59 (grrr argh .01 off of 3.6... Whatever, I'm rounding up!) 3.6! wow, i'm so mad at my 3.38 during my first semester. Talk about dragging me down! Ah well, water under the bridge. I'm just happy about my current semester!
Well enough of this gay banter. People well start accusing me of gloating. I shall take my winnings and go. Smiling all the way. Merry Christmas to ALL!
Now if this silly GPA would only get me a bloody job.
Ah well one thing at a time.

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