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Thursday, December 02, 2004/9:32 AM

AH HA! Well folks, we did it. Or rather my creative writing class did. Last night was our Annual Fiction Writers's gala where we read about 5 minutes of our work. Talk about a blast! AND my team from class won our quiz show like competition so our teacher (see first row to the right of me, I'm wearing my hat) bought our team drinks! What fun. Anyway the only problem was that i took 43 pictures and only 5 came out! Stupid dark bar room LOL. Oh well, I"m going to take photos today in class to make it up to the gang. But here is one photo that i was able to doctor a bit. 3rd Row: Chris, Sara, Luke (middleish 3rd row) Jenny-Jade, Eric & Joe (way hiding in the shadows LOL) 2nd Row: Meg, Still Luke (told you he's sorta in the middle), Michelle & Michelle (she's sorta cut off) 1st Row: Myself and Proff. Aimee Nez....oh crap i can't spell it. Although that was the tie breaker that won it for our team, spelling her last name...lol.

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