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Thursday, November 04, 2004/1:56 PM

Here's a quote from one of my favorite authors (well, he's in my top 5) P.G. Wodehouse. This comes from his collection of novellas (or is it a novel...grrr argh) called Life at Blandings. This one is from the story Summer Lightning and has one of the best introductions to a character ever (well in my opinion anyway). Enjoy!
"How a man who ought to have the liver of the centruy could look and behave as he did was a constant mystery to his associates. His eye was not dimmed nor his natural force abated. And when, skipping blithely across the turf, he tripped over the spaniel, so graceful was the agility with which he recovered his balance that he did not spill a drop of the whiskey-and-soda in his hand. He continued to bear the glass aloft like some brave banner beneath which he had often fought and won...having disentangled himself from the spaniel and soothed the animal's wounded feelings by permitting it to sniff the whisky-and-soda, the Hon. Galahad produced a black-rimmed monocle and screwing it into his eye, surveye the table with a frown of distaste."
-P.G. Wodehouse
First time I read this book I laughed outloud so many times, that i think the other students in the laundry room were considering calling campus police. lol. I love Uncle Gally and his introduction as a drunk yet reserved old british man gracefully tripping over dogs just cracked me up. I kept thinking of Monty Python's Salad Days sketch when i read this. "I say ducky, how about a game of tennis!" "Jolly ho, that does sound like fun." "Rather, I say. Let's go before tea then." LOL. Hmm something makes me think Aunt Mary and Amy are going to slap me for that one. lol. Remember... I pick because i love ;)

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