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Friday, November 19, 2004/4:48 PM

I have Proof! Finally that Orsen Welles and Brain of Pinky and the Brain ARE the same person! Okay well maybe not. But, it's pretty funny that there was an actual episode where Brain dressed up as "The FOG" a direct rip off of Welle's radio character, "The Shadow" Above you'll see both in costume. The Welles one made me laugh. He looks more like the kiddy pediphile from the Fritz Lang Movie "M".
Oh and more Orsen - Brain news. I found the actual audio of Welle going psycho on the poor radio engineer. Come to find out it was for TV and a commerical for Peas when he was an old bankrupt star trying to make a buck. It's kinda sad really, but nonetheless a fun thing to listen to! Check out my Comment line under this post I have posted best parts of the transcript there. Have a good night all! ;)

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