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Tuesday, November 02, 2004/1:21 PM

Hey all, well i didn't think i was going to get to celebrate my favorite holiday, when suddenly sunday night my friends from upstairs filed down and insisted on my joining their party! How cool! Of course i spent an hour running about the house going, "crap i never got my dress done, what can i go as?" My solution? Zombie Euro-Trash.

Yes you read it correctly. With a little bit of help from my grey (and green? I didn't even know i owned green!) eyeshadow i made up my night of the living dead face (I especially loved my bleeding ear which was drawn on with my red lipstick lol). Then came the fun part, dressing like Euro-Trash. Don't know what Euro-Trash is? Find any exchange student from any country (well usually germany, or Japan...sometimes france) that is brand new to an american college. They are usually one of two things (i know i'm stereotyping terribly here...sorry) they either dress like a sad republican conservative straight from the early 90s (aka martha stewart or the father from Married with Children) OR they OVER dress and end up looking like nutball escapees from the TRL MTV set. THAT IS EURO-Trash. To over dress and be covered in electronics, like you have a palm pilot, a cellphone, a pager, a mp3 player AND DO NOT FORGET IF YOU ARE A GIRL YOU MUST HAVE A STUFF ANIMAL BACKPACK and a cute carrying case for your cellphone. I didn't have the backpack, so i stuck Tigger IN a backpack. Close enough. My friends laughed their butts off, so i guess i did well within an hour. Below you'll see a picture of me and my friend pat, because i HAVE to put him on here. He had the best costume at the party. Yes Pat was a gift... from god. LOL. We got to unwrap him later, which basically was a group of girls ripping off the box and laughing. (yes he was wearing clothes underneath it) All in all it was a great last minute party!

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