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Sunday, November 14, 2004/4:01 PM

Recently my creative writing teacher introduced our class to a fun little writing technique in which you take a current word (and or person, place or thing) and give it a new definition. It has to be somewhat based in reality, but you can give your own spin onto the definition. It's a great way to break writer's block! Anyway below you'll see a few that I've found on various websites and a couple that people in class did...ALSO only the ones in ITALICS are my own orginal definitions... Feel free to comment and list a few of your own, that's the point. Trust me, it's great fun! Check em out:

Starr, Ringo: The beatle who is not a) Dead or b) Paul

Silverfish: Not particularly silver, nor fish

Snowmonster, Abominable: Character from the 1964 propoganda film "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." Symbolic of the chaos and disorder of the proletarian class, the "Abominable Snowmoster (a.k. Bumble) staggers around in pain caused by inadequate dental coverage, inadvertently terrorizing Santa's Sweat Shop Slaves, Rudolph, Clarice and Herbie. Greedy capitalist prospector Yukon Cornelius subjugates the snowmonster, brutally wrestling him off a cliff, then forcing the dazed and battered Bumble to submit to the confines of society and a life of meaningless drudgery (Christmas Tree-top Trimming) in order to obtain meager benefits and emergency dental care.

Anitpasta: A coalition of Italians whose goal is to cease and desist all pasta related jokes against their countrymen.

Antelope: A small deer-like animal which lives in the woods and surfaces between the hours of dusk until dawn in order to terrorize unsuspection motorists.

Aqualung: A popular, yet completely confusing unintelligable nonsense song by Jethro Tull which has the nerve to run over seven minutes. A favorite amoung DJs nationwide in need of a good bathroom break.

Menin: The evil Lenin

Magic Monkey: See Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic: It's all done with mirrors

Meek: One who pretends he/she is not an asshole in the hopes of inheriting the earth. The truth is the earth has been willed to the Chinese and there's nothing the meek can do about it.

Nugent, Ted: Crazed 70's Rocker who after contracting "Cat Scratch Fever" broke free of the rock world claiming it to too tame, stole a gun and began his own wild america hunting tour with a uzi and a six pack.

Floyd, Pink: A rather angry young man born in the late seventies to two rather obsessed groupies.

Floyd, Pink: Four British Rockers, None of which are named Floyd nor are they very pink.

Critical Theory: 1) crap 2) propoganda built by professors in order to discuss a book which they dont really understand by being able to BS their way around the text without really discussing the text thus confusing everyone on in the class and by default allowing themselves appear smarter.

Communism: A simple-minded way of looking at the world. This form of government likes to pretend that everyone can be equal and share stuff while holding hands and singing "I love you, you love me..." Sadly thanks to personal human greed this would only be plausable in a world where Jesus is dictator.

Keeping up with the Jones': A failed spin-off film of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade told from the point of view of a Nazi-Footsoldier forced to chase Indy all over the globe.

Patient, The English: Neither English nor very patient as this Hungarian couldn't wait for his beloved to get a divorce and forced her into adultry which ended with EVERYONE dying.

Well that's all I got, like i said feel free to just add right on!

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