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Sunday, November 21, 2004/4:34 PM

Here's my latest rundown of crap I've been up to:
I am in paper hell
Four papers
Four papers all due at the end of the semester (3 weeks...or is it 2?)
Four papers all determining my grade for those classes (meaning we only get 1 grade, 1 paper...1 chance!) EEEEk
But i can do it.
I hope
Other than that not much going on up here in Freddy land. Work, work work. Seems that's all i do now. But that's okay. I get free movies LOL. Not that i have time to watch them. AND Of course everyone wants to go out and party but i just don't have the time for it. In fact I think it's been a month since i've gone out. Probably a week since a few of us had movie night, but that's not the same. Ah well Chrissy and I keep saying that we're going to get our butts to the bars. But then again she's a hard one to get to commit to anything LOL. I keep meaning to ask Anne if she wants to do something for our graduation....so i guess Anne if you're reading this....LETS THROW A PARTY OR SOMETHING! We can get Dana to come down and the hobbit. Maybe even con Dan the man in from Rottenchester....course that might be a stretch.... but we can try... sure Sounds like a blast!
I am dying for turkey. I know i should be all right, after all we are only 3 days away now. BUT I WANT TURKEY NOW!!! I love turkey.... yum yum.... poultry. yum yum MEAT! lol. I could never be a veggie-eater...I'd die of starvation. Although i did buy some pre-mixed salad today. I was having Olive Garden Withdrawl and decided to make my own Chicken Ceaser Salad.
Cannot wait until i get to go home. I miss my parents... and my cat. Come to think of it my family in general. Last time i was home Uncle Walt scolded me for being too skinny... I swear Uncle Walt, I'm not dying of some strange eating disorder. I just walk everywhere and occasionally fence (although i haven't had time to do that in a while). Plus I don't get half the crap I got at home. Which isn't to say mother misfed me. HARDLY. My mom's cooking rules. That's just the problem. I was eating like my father! I'm a girl! We don't eat that much, our metabolisms are different then most guys. Smaller portions...same food and walking alot. So there you are. No need to panic. Trust me, watch me turkey day. I'll be putting away the turkey.. and the stuffing...oh and aunt margie's corn sticks! mmmmm....cornsticks.
Just thought of another reason why i might look thinner. I hardly wear big baggy clothes anymore. My grunge (clothing) days are over. Sadly I think i'm turning into a fashionista LOL. Still love my kurt Cobain. Still love my flannel. Just as a sheet on my bed or a something extra to put on when my landlord forgets to turn on the heat.
Oh i'm currently searching for work. I'm thinking of looking in places like boston, New York, Providence....you know eastern US so that i can be close(ish) to my family and make it for all the holidays, birthdays and just for kicks days. I can't wait to get out of fredonia. I'll miss my friends but frankly there's certainly nothing to keep me in this place. All of the men in this town are either a)way younger than myself or b) Riddled with issues that I'd rather not have to solve for them. Anyway, i can't wait to get out and if i'm really lucky i'll get work in boston and kim will get work in boston and we can room together (we've been talking about it on and off for a while now) BUT that's WAY ahead in the game plan as of right now.
Well i must go all. I've procrastinated my paper research long enough. Everyone have a safe and fun Turkey break and I'll see you all laters gators :)

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