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Friday, November 19, 2004/1:45 AM

...then again you were a bit of jerk.
Anyway I stumbled onto my two favorite boys today...NARF! Anyone remember these guys? Yes it is Pinky and of course one can not forget his faithful leader, The Brain. Ever think to yourself, gee that guy sounds a heck of a lot like Orsen Welles?
Okay, you probably didn't, but dorks like myself did and well we were right. Nonetheless, it was done on purpose. Apparently there's even an episode which the writers copied from an off-air radio taping of Welles chewing out some poor radio engineer. They stole his tiraid, having Brain repeat it nearly word for word (obviously it was a children's show on network TV so they had to replace a few choice words). Now there's something I'd love to get earfull of!
If i find a transcript of what either he or Brain said I'll post it here. I donno why but i find stuff like that hillarious...call me warped.
Slight side note, Welles was barely 25 when he made Citizen Kane...what am i doing with my life? Ugh how sickening... ah well, no sense dwelling on it, best to just keep chugging along.
As for you Orsen baby, you should have laid off the sweets, look how nice you look in this photo... You were younger than my grandmother and you kicked off way way way before she died and for what? A sprinkled donut? Sad. Very sad.

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