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Sunday, October 03, 2004/3:15 PM

we'll i've been off for a while. Alumni weekend has had me busy as... well something less cliche than a bee... i'm too tired to think of something better LOL. ANYWAY here somethings have struck me over the weekend.

1. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of the ice cream man arriving on your street playing his sweet melody of "the music box dancer" for those of you who don't know the song, perhaps you remember the children's show mr. dressup. It was the theme song. GREAT show.

2. (i should call this 1 part b) there is also nothing more heartbreaking than realizing that you have no money for the ice cream man and frankly that it's too cold to be running outside to wave the poor man down and buy a eskimo pie. Come to think of it, I already had chocolate today...hmmm.

3. No matter how hard you try, meeting up with friends that you haven't seen in a long time is always just a little bitter-sweet. Sure you can remember the fun times and often have a few new fun times, but mostly it turns in a sad remember fest where you suddenly realize they aren't as crazy as you remembered and that instead of just having fun, we're simultaniously co-miserating over our mortgages, school loans, crappy jobs and lack of a social life. Sad, very sad.

4. Never get into a political debate with someone whose view point is the polar opposite of yours. No matter how you try, you will not be turning this person to your side. But then again, what's the fun in debating if you can mold them into another you?

5. Interesting how when you decide not to discuss an incident with other people, the other person involved has blabbed it to everyone. I was shocked to learn how many of my friends knew about 2 recent incidents. All i can say is someone has a big yap and better learn how to shut it if they ever want to remain friends. They didn't catch me telling anyone about their sorted details.

6. Maturity is not something that comes with age. Just because you have an adult job and make an adult pay doesn't make you an adult.

7. Never go into your place of business on your day off. Even if you bring a friend as back up (so they don't snag you to fill in) you still might find yourself running errands for the boss (like buying their cancer sticks for them, while they're trapped at work lol).

8. If you want to find someone in this town, sit in front of the local all night pizza joint on main street. Wait for the bars to let out, trust me they all come running.

9. Amazing hair cuts are ONLY amazing when you can get the stylist to do them for you. The minute you are left on your own to figure them out, that is when you begin to look as though you've stuck your finger in a light socket.

10. The music in the bars has gotten so loud now that we can't even talk without shouting. We celebrated when they banned smoking from the bars, figuring they now, yes now we would wake in the morning with happy lungs. Only with no smoke the owners have decide to fill the atmosphere with music. No more black lung, just red vocal chords and ringing ears.

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