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Friday, September 10, 2004/4:56 PM

Here's a list for you:

1. If you're going to walk somwhere, wear something OTHER than flip flops.
2. Flip Flops are great for pools...not so much for hiking
3. You can heal blisters by wrapping a wet kleenex around them until it dries. It's sick i know but seriously it works...you can really avoid a painful blister that way... that or buying those expensive band-aid brand sticky band-aids to place over them, but really they do the same thing (keep the blister wet) so why waste 5 bucks?
4. I am not cheap
5. I am broke
6. Lawn Mowers at 8am are EVIL. Kill all people who run a lawn mower BEFORE 11.
7. Just when you think you're being funny and sharing a laugh, you realize you've hurt the ones you love and feel awlful about it. (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE IF YOU ASK ME)
8. Horoscopes are crap and should be considered an addiction
9. I don't have a # 9
10. I can't believe i'm typing all this crap up... i must be bored

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