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Saturday, September 25, 2004/1:07 AM

lying on my bathroom floor, my feet in the tub and thinking... how did i get here?
Drinking? No, so there you people who would try to think less of me. I simply slipped. Well let me rephrase that. I did not slip... i was dragged long for the ride.

You see Wedensday Night i had a couple of friends over to see the apartment. We had converged in the bathroom (honestly the bathroom is probably the second largest room in my house. My one friend claims it's bigger than his bedroom LOL). I had seated myself on the counter beside one of my friends (it's a HUGE counter) while talking to another different friend. Next thing i know, I'm on the floor, my feet on in the tub and there's a HUGE scuff mark on my counter cupboard from sneakers. I have to say, it was really funny at the time... come to think about it, it's still pretty funny. However my behind REALLY hurts. I have a lovely bruise on my backside, my shoulder and my elbow. Ah well, such is life. At least we had fun and nobody went to the emergency room... as far as i know.

I should have entitled this little rundown as Night of the Living Bruises because frankly to look at me right now, someone is going to think that i have an abusive boyfriend. Okay, i'll admit it, i do have an abusive boyfriend... but he's 2 1/2 hours away, with black and white fur, sharp little teeth, razor like claws, a whispy long tail with a little white nub on the end and ears which he's never grown into. Oh yes Dewy is a sweet heart one minute and a killer the next. It's only a matter of how your ankles look as you pass him in the living room. He's vicious, I warn everyone that comes to my home home...that cat is evil and i love him for it.

Anyway getting back to the bruises. On tuesday i nailed my good knee (wait do i even have any good knees anymore? hmmm) on the large blue stairs/ladder do-hickey. (it's not a ladder, it's more like stairs on wheels). The thing is made out of metal. Hard, unforgivingly cold metal and i nailed my knee cap right into one of the steps because i was in a hurry and tried to run up the stairs. Not only did i get a bruise but i had a bump that took at least 2 days to go down. Now it's a lovely shade of periwinkle. I"m thinking of matching the color to our paint section at work and repainting my room this color.... hmmm maybe not.
Then i magically have a bruise on my other leg right on the side of my shin. I have NO idea where that one came from. I'm doing well, let me tell you.
Other than maiming myself, i haven't been up to much around here. No signs of our local skunk, Charles. I know he's dead, but his lineage is continuing the family tradition of stinking up the neighborhood. Luckily we must be in the middle of some sort of skunk religious holiday. They seem to have either left town, or gone on stinking strike. Either way, they won't hear any complaints from me.

Guess that's all for now. I hope everyone in our family which has email has gotten a link to this site. I just find this so much easier to keep in contact, rather than clutter email. Anyway, until next time ;)

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