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Thursday, September 16, 2004/7:08 PM

Well i have failed to cure world hunger or find some solution to cancer....(or is that the other way around? lol) But i have managed to get a few things done on my list this week.
I'm finding myself falling back onto my Trip Hop music (Portishead, Tricky, Radiohead, Clearlake and etc.) to keep me going through this week. There's just something so soothing about songs played in the minor key. (if you don't know these artists, have you ever seen an episode of La Femme Nikkita? If the answer is yes, the most likely you have heard Trip Hop music...albeit not the best of the genre).
The "Discussion" which i ran for my professor the other day went well. I place it in quotes because it was hardly a discussion. The class is full of undergrads and therefore it was a bit like pulling nose hairs to get these kids to pipe-up. I ended up running more of a lecture on King Arthur. That worked for me alright, I was able to keep them until 10:40, but after forty minutes i pretty much ran out of stuff to say (hey i'm no professor, I have a limited amount of crap from which i can spew lol).
Turned part of my novella into my creative writing class today, we'll see how they like it. So far i've had nothing but positive responses from those who have read it. Here's hoping it goes over well.
Finally I would like to announce that i previously announced the death of our own dear Charles the Skunk far far too early. Either a) Charles is not dead (which i find hard to believe, he was rather flat) or b) Charles was really a Charlene and had a few small clones at home. Alas that lovely perfume Ode de Skunk has found its way into my sun/computer room once again. God bless the little stinky buggers. I don't mind their prowling the town (kinda makes me homesick for country life) but I wish they'd learn how to look both ways.

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