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Thursday, September 16, 2004/11:01 PM

And we're off. It's been a couple of days since I've posted my Ob-Zurd list. Sorry for the slacking. After all this is why I made this site. So that I can joke around with friends and family and who knows maybe spark some silly debate over the world I see around me.... :)
1. Some movies should never be made. The Dukes of Hazzard is going to be one of them. Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. Did the producers of this film drop acid before casting? Her name is DAISY not DITZY. Watch the show morons. She had a brain, I'm sure it's hard for many to get past those shorts, but when you do you'll see the Simpson AIN'T Daisy *groan*
2. Florida is hell. It is. Perhaps all these Hurricanes are Jeb Bush's biblical punishment for handing his brother the election (I know i've probably just upset half my aunts and uncles, but it is a fact now. Bush LOST the election. I'm not being smug, I'm just writing a fact). Be it some sort of other worldly curse coming down on the younger Bush or just a run of bad luck for Floridians in general, you could not PAY me to live there. The worst we get up here are snowstorms . Frankly, if you buy a generator, a crap load of blankets, some wood, a LOT of Campbells soup and bottled water you can ride most of them out.
3. One of the best places to get oggled (did i spell the right?) is NOT the bar, but rather the mechanic's. Who knew? Maybe i just impressed the guy that i actually knew that 10w-30 wasn't a tax form (come to think of it, it might be a tax form as well).
4. When you want someone to call, they won't call. When you'd rather have a little quiet THAT'S WHEN THE FREAKIN TELEMARKETER CALLS!!!!
5. (I should really call this 4a) If one is trying to find someone on campus one should hide. The only time anyone ever runs into people in this place is when one is trying to hide from the world. One should NEVER look for the person one wishes to see. Instead run away, try to avoid them at all costs. Then and only then will they be found.
6. Horoscopes are still crap.... and i'm still reading them. if I remember correctly the clinical definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting different results. hmm....
7. If one is told don't think about the big pink elephant in the corner of the room, all one will think about the big pink elephant in the corner of the room. likewise, if one say to oneself, i will not call him first....i refuse to be the one to call him first...one's fingers will edge ever closer to the phone.
8. Campbells comes with a pop up cap now. I fear for my stock in can openers.
9. Even with a freezer stuffed to the gill, one will slam the door and mutter, "there is nothing to eat in this place."
10. Popsicles should be considered a food group. They are truly glorious. Especially Cherry flavored followed in a close second by Grape (frankly Orange should be dumped for something better, like Blueberry).

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