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Sunday, September 12, 2004/3:46 PM

Yeah right. Well it is crack down sunday here in fredonia. This is the day where i lock myself in my apartment, ignore my phone and read until my eyes bleed... Ugh...well maybe not that much. However they are a bit tired already and it's only noon!
Nothing happened much this weekend. Mostly work, however i was lucky enough to get a chance and go out 2 nights in a row! Wow! That probably won't happen again until Alumni Weekend come October! My friend Chrissy and I went out Friday to BJs (local bar) and ran into a few other friends while there, that was pretty cool. Saturday afternoon i got a surprise call from my firend Dana informing me that she was rolling into town that night and that we were going out (okay maybe not that forcefully, but she was hoping i'd come along...i thought. Um okay sure what the hell, i only have to work until midnight. lol.) We stayed out for about an hour or so (they rarely party late) and so i found myself in bed at my usual 1:30 bedtime. Basically it all worked out :) Had a lot of fun, got hustled by two scary guys in pool. Went to BJs, didn't see anyone worth talking to. Of course the person i wanted to talk to was MIA, so i guess i'll just have to wait for him to call me. Not holding my breath. I'd rather not pass out. lol. Ah well such is life. suppose i'd better finish my homework. Maybe my next post won't be soooo boring.

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