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Tuesday, September 14, 2004/1:55 AM

Talk about stress. Today as I entered class I found my Professor lying in wait for me outside. (yeah, like that doesn't send goosebumps down your arms and a chill through your spine) "Yes?" I said. "Hey, how would you like to lead the class in a discussion for me Wednesday. I have to go out of town and I don't want to cancel class. You can let them go home early, but just keep some sort of discussion going for a little while. Talk about arthurian lit if you'd like" I just stared back at him, a deer grilled on the car too off guard to have ever been blinded and trapped in the headlights. "Uh, sure. Sounds like fun." I said.

Sounds like fun...

...sounds like I'm nuts.

2 papers due this week AND i'm teaching Arthurian Lit? Oh boy.
Don't get me wrong, i'm excited. I'm just very very overwelmed.

And a little peeved (well maybe peeved is too strong a word). Somebody didn't call me again (those of you inthe loop know who, i won't embarass the person in question on the internet) I KNOW this isn't a big thing, the person in question likes to go MIA. I'm just a little concerned (not worried, i haven't known 'em long enough to be bitting my nails off freaked out over 'em...plus we hardly get a chance to talk with our schedules anyways....BUT....) because i know that there was a scouting trip this weekend. Hopefully they were not eaten by a buffalo. Would be nice if the phone rang... well maybe not now. It's a quarter to one in the morning... alright fine now would be okay too. lol

Well that's it folks. I'm off to bed. I have to work my OTHER freakin' job at 8AM!!!! somewhere in there i have to sleep, do my laundry, work on my novel, get the car inspected, get the oil changed, write 2 papers, figure out something to BS about in Arthurian Lit, Solve world hunger, decrease my debt, read and comprehend (HA!) the waste land by Elliot (is that one t or two?), Find a cure for cancer, date a movie star, invent something ridiculous like "the club" which will earn me millions AND become an international super model all before the weekend.

This is going to take more than just a power nap.

laters ;)

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